The Seeds of Peace

May I plant the precious seeds of peace in my own soul,and may I tend to nurture this sweet crop with loving care and water it with the gentle rains of tender mercy.

May those seeds produce a harvest rich of kindness and compassion for my friends and for all humankind. And may this crop be not greedily devoured, but yet shared in equal portions, and ever passed around in generous spirit. And may the plenteous seeds of peace fall on the rich and fertile ground of warm and caring hearts in great abundance.

For as one tiny spore of peace produces but a small harvest, yet as time goes on, those seeds will multiply, as does faith’s grain of mustard. And the crop in time will yield a bounty most plentiful for our kind labours, with peace enough for all humanity, and the end of futile wars in all lands near and far. 

                                               Çarol Knepper